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Immigrating to the U.S. through the Consulate

Would you and your family like to become duel citizens?

Making a decision to become a citizen of another country is huge. Not only does it involve a lot of paperwork, but it can create a lot of confusion. Having the knowledge and support you need during this time is important and that’s what we’re here to do for you.

Here at Victory Law we will assess your current situation, answer your questions, and walk you through the consular process for legal immigration or naturalization, along with the necessary processes to qualify for it. We will then assist you in efficiently and effectively streamlining the process for the quickest outcome. Whether you’re inside, or outside the U.S. we are here to help you return to what it is that you hold dear and desire in our great country.

Consular Processing Includes:

  • Performing a full analysis of your specific situation to determine your immigration rights and basis to immigrate
  • Determining Visa availability and consular processing times as well as solutions allowing you to immigrate sooner
  • Analyzing all possible factors that may negatively affect your case as well as solutions to overcome such factors
  • Putting together a comprehensive package of legal documents to submit in conjunction with your application to increase the chances of a favorable decision
  • Filing your Immigrant Petition with all supporting documentation
  • Scheduling your interview appointment with the appropriate consular office
  • Preparation for your interview appointment at the appropriate consular office
  • Communication with the Consulate and National Visa Center during your case review
  • Client Education regarding your Visa packet
  • Client Education regarding your rights and responsibilities as a legal permanent resident

Gain the support, trust, and knowledge you need to successfully complete this process in a quick and effortless manner by allowing us to partner with you as you gain residency within the U.S. Don’t delay in taking the first step toward a great change.

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