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You virtually saved my home

Dear Mr. Weylie, Please accept my deepest gratitude for your outstanding representation which ended so successfully. You virtually saved my home and topped it further when you negotiated 440,000 dollars off of my loan. Before finding you, I had reached a feeling of utter despair. I had been ill advised by my former attorney and had little hope left of saving my home from foreclosure.  You not only did an excellent job representing me, I will never forget your compassion and reassurance. There were times when I was unable to sleep due to the stress, I emailed you in the middle of the night and received back words of encouragement. Such service is unheard of in this day and age which makes your positive attitude even more remarkable. During the months before a judgment was reached concerning my home, I was able to continue work on my non-profit food pantry and help many less fortunate than myself. Were it not for you that would not have been possible either. Thank you so much for everything you did to save my home. I am forever in your debt. Kindest regards, Gale Valente

- Gale Valente

Look no further.

Philip is an amazing young man that knows his immigration law. He helped my family with a difficult situation. He is professional while compassionate about immigration needs. Look no further. I have full confidence in his ability to help you with whatever immigration crossroads you are at. While young, he is experienced beyond his years. Thank you Philip for taking my calls after hours and for putting my nerves at ease.

- Kim Reckzin